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Jennell Jones is a professionally certified Executive Coach who empowers smart, capable, yet potentially disenfranchised, talent to break thru imposter syndrome, regain self-confidence, accelerate their development, and realize their career aspirations.

Are you experiencing Imposter Phenomenon?

Jennell Jones


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Jennell challenges executives and as an Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA) certified team coach, she also challenges senior teams to get the results they are seeking by transforming mindsets and shifting behaviors. Not only does she even the playing field, but she also leaves leaders and organizations in a better state than how she found them.

Jennell provides coaching support for the Harvard Business School’s Global Executive Development programs, as well as the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) Executive Development programs. 

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Jennell Jones & Associates Services

Executive Coaching

The higher leaders rise, the lonelier they become. When you suspect there is no one you can trust or confide in because it may be used against you; when you need to unpack and strategize, contact us. We can help you navigate leadership challenges, prepare for your next promotion, assimilate in your new role, and/or enhance key leadership skills.

Everyone faces challenges in their career. The key is to use your challenges to learn and grow, but you need a partner to support you thru the journey.

Contact us; we can help.

Executive Development

Executive development strategies are critical for the long-term success of your business. We can help strategize around the development of leaders to ensure they are prepared. 

Mastermind Groups

Inquire about our mastermind groups, a competitive advantage that satiate many life-long learners for development. 

BOLD – Breakthrough Organizational Leadership Development

A talent development program for corporate clients who need to enhance their leadership capabilities. BOLD incorporates career strategy, peer coaching, cross-functional learning, and networking. Peer coaching sessions yield tangible action plans to tackle challenges faced in corporate settings.


A program structured for intact teams to identify, develop, practice, and embed habits and behaviors that accelerates a healthy corporate culture. Leadership team members brainstorm and provide peer coaching for tangible actions. Facilitated peer coaching sessions will help leadership teams to gain fresh perspectives, key learnings, and hold each other accountable for new habits and behaviors.

Interested in bringing BOLD or BOLDwaze to your organization?

Team Coaching

When Leadership Teams:

The team isn’t performing, dysfunction cascades, infighting among the employees begin, great talent exits the organization, and money is lost.

Don’t let that happen.

As a Certified Team Coach, I can assess, coach, and transform leadership team performance.

What We Do

We help leaders solve problems. Whether it’s:

  • Helping you lead stronger and with confidence.
  • Helping your team move from tactical to strategic; from chaotic to clear, thus, creating a sustainable work environment among the team and their respective organizations.
  • Helping anxious and lonely leaders foster learning in a trusting environment with like-minded peers.
  • Helping leaders gain confidence in their talent pipeline.

Letting these problems fester and not attempting to solve them is leaving money on the table.


Breakthrough Organizational
Leadership Development

BOLD is a powerful leadership development program that empowers participants to cultivate meaningful relationships with peers. Participants lean on each other to create and execute tangible actions that impact their careers and employment experience in a safe, trusting and learning environment. Monthly discussions are facilitated on a range of participant-selected topics in a way that engages the introvert as well as the extrovert. The BOLD Manager’s Track is a simultaneous monthly session that is facilitated in support of the managers of BOLD participants. BOLD develops leadership capabilities, creates effective cross-functional networks, and increases career mobility. BOLD also impacts culture by empowering participants to drive an increased sense of inclusiveness and belonging. BOLD is a true game-changer. She challenges executives to get the results they are seeking by transforming mindsets and shifting behaviors. She works with her clients to break through challenges by focusing on executive presence, stakeholder perception management, leadership effectiveness, and communication style. 

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